Message From V.C

             Message from the vice chancellor “Pof. Dr Fazal-ur-Rahim Marwat”


VCIn the era of globalization, South East Asia is gearing up to become an attractive, exciting and knowledge-based regional entity. Pakistan is one of the few developing countries which has immense potential to grow along with the resources which can contribute to the socio-economic a nation we can compete the up-coming challenges of poverty & illiteracy only by complementing our struggle to fight these ailments by creating enabling environment & awareness. I believe that with the all out support of the govt. ,the newly established BACHA KHAN UNIVERSITY,CHARSADDA will become one of the best universities in SOUTH ASIA in terms of creating enabling environment & creating awareness among the masses in general & in students in particular.The university will provide higher education that effectively develops intellectual capabilities turning young talent into successful professionals & responsible citizens , decorated with the mission of the great BACHA KHAN ;peace,knowledge & unity. I am proud to state that learning at BKUC will inspire & enable the students to grow intellectually, to be will equipped for work life & to contribute effectively to the society.The 21st century requires rigorous, broad level research oriented education, as well as profound understanding what we all share as human beings.I invite you to join BKUC for the best of you ,the nations & PAKISTAN.